Gaia Ultra-Fine Nanobubble Generation Solutions

Enhance the effectiveness of gas saturated liquids with invisible, long-lasting bubbles generated by proprietary Gaia Nanobubbles (Ultra-fine bubble) technology.


Aquaculture is the fastest-growing animal-based food industry in the world.  Over half of the seafood eaten in the US is farm raised, most being imported.  Population growth and diminishing natural harvests put the managed aquaculture industry in a prime position for explosive growth globally.  Superior water quality management will be key to ultimate industry success.


Oxygen is an essential plant nutrient – plant root systems require oxygen for aerobic respiration, an essential plant process that releases energy for root growth and nutrient uptake. Oxygen supplied for plant root uptake is provided mostly as dissolved oxygen (DO) held in the nutrient solutions used to irrigate the plants. If depletion of this dissolved oxygen in the root system occurs, growth of plants and water and mineral uptake are reduced.

Clean Tech

Cleaning is normally associated with soaps and other chemicals. Ultra-fine nanobubbles, particularly CO2 nanobubbles, are an effective and earth friendly alternative. Gaia ultra-fine nanobubble technology has been widely, effectively and economically used to clean everything from cars to windows to heavy equipment to metals to commercial buildings and more. The combination of the penetration properties of nanobubbles and the degreasing capabilities of CO2, provides a chemical-free, effective solution for both small and large scale cleaning applications.

Gas, Oil, And Mining

Traditional extraction and processing of hydrocarbons relies heavily on the use of threatened water resources and toxic chemicals.  Gaia generated, liquid delivered, nanobubbles serve as chemical free resources for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of oil and gas recovery, oil/water separation, iron and sulfide oxidation, soil remediation and process water reclamation.  The implementation of Gaia nanobubble technology significantly reduces chemical use, rendering process water reusable.

Lake/Pond Remediation & Rehibilitation

Throughout the world, lakes, ponds, estuairies, creeks and rivers are experiencing problems with excessive algae, anoxic water and fish and wildlife kills.  While unhealthy and unsightly, these issues usually also cause unpleasant odors the abutters must live with.

water features

Nanobubble technology now offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional treatments.  Delivering the natural elements of oxygen and ozone as long lasting nanobubbles for sanitation and carbon dioxide for pH control, pools and spas can be crystal clear, odor free and, above all, healthy for bathers.

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