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Vard Brings GAIA Ultra-fine/Nanobubble systems to Chile for fish oxygenation

Vard Aqua Chile and GAIA have entered into an Authorized Integrator Agreement which allows Vard to distribute, install, and provide technical support for the implementation of GAIA ultra-fine/nanobubble generation technology into systems for Chilean Aquaculture. GAIA’s ultra-fine/nanobubble generators increase dissolved oxygen in seawater fish farms. The ultra-fine/nanobubbles contribute to more efficient and sustainable aquaculture operations. […]

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IDEC Corporation Analyzes Gaia Technology

Companies looking for fine and ultrafine bubble technology, commonly referred to as nanobubble technology, to integrate into their systems have many vendors from which to choose.  The methodology used to produce these invisible bubbles, varies widely within the industry. One highly respected company in the bubble marketplace is IDEC Corporation, based in Osaka, Japan.  They […]

Citrus Industry and U.S.D.A. seeking disease recovery and prevention with Gaia

The citrus industry, worldwide, has been battling one of the most destructive and devastating diseases, Huanglongbing, yellow dragon disease, or more commonly referred to as HLB. The disease is caused by a vector-transmitted pathogen, from the bacterium species Candidatus Liberibacter. The vectors are small plant feeding insects of the family Psyllidae. These insects spread the […]

Gaia and Cermaq, Canada Revolutionizing Aquaculture

Gaia, a global leader in the development and application of super oxygen saturation systems empowered by ultrafine/nanobubble technology, has had an ongoing relationship with Cermaq, Canada for over 10 years, starting with evaluation systems and progressing to full implementation in several of their farms in Canada and Chile. Gaia’s patented super saturation technology continues to […]

Gaia collaborating with CalPoly to solve food sustainability

Freshwater environments across the globe continue to be threatened by the intrusion of brackish and salt-water for a variety of reasons. This puts naturally occurring groundwater and other freshwater stores at risk, even when they are not in close proximity to a coastline.   Within the United States, states such as California, Florida, Arizona and […]

Gaia and University of Arizona apply Ozonated Ultrafine/Nanobubbles to produce wash water

Gaia, a global leader in Ultrafine/Nanobubble technology, has collaborated with the Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering at The University of Arizona (UA).   University of Arizona’s Isaac Hung demonstrated the potential benefits of injecting ozone gas, with Gaia’s ultrafine/nanobubble technology, to disinfect and reclaim wash water utilized in agricultural harvesting processes.   Conventional methods […]