Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.

Cleaning is normally associated with soaps and other chemicals. Ultra-fine nanobubbles, particularly CO2 nanobubbles, are an effective and earth-friendly alternative. Gaia ultra-fine nanobubble technology has been widely, effectively, and economically used to clean everything from cars to windows to heavy equipment to metals to commercial buildings and more. The combination of the penetration properties of nanobubbles and the degreasing capabilities of CO2, provides a chemical-free, effective solution for both small and large scale cleaning applications.


Car washing

Dissolving carbon dioxide gas with water via UFB Technology results in a solution with a lowered pH forming carbonic acid. This solution can be applied to a car’s exterior to completely clean it without the use of soaps or detergents.

Gaia technology in use:

Before After truck before being cleanedtruck after being cleanded
Before After Car rim being cleanedcar rim fully cleaned
Before After suv before being cleanedsuv after being cleaned
Before After Gaiawater utilizing nanobubbles for washing carsred suv after being cleaned

Gaia's Nanobubbles have
been deployed in:

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Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.