Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.

Gaia Water Ltd. was incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, in 2010 to commercialize its gas/liquid super saturation products. Most notably, at the time, installations in lake and pond remediation, aquaculture, agriculture and swimming pools had displayed anecdotal results suggesting great promise for the technology.

In 2013, Gaia Water Ltd. incorporated an Arizona subsidiary, Gaia USA, Inc., to more broadly market its technology in US and International markets, seek patent protection and research the underlying science responsible for the results that had been found anecdotally. In 2016, unable to find any domestic laboratories capable of evaluating Gaia technology, Dr. Mayur Dev went to Japan to have Gaia technology evaluated by an industry leader in fine bubbles. Gaia technology was found to generate ultra-fine nanobubbles, likely responsible for the amazing results it was experiencing and an emerging technology in super saturation of gas in liquids. Fine bubbles are now an ISO standardization focus. Dr. Dev returned to Arizona and established a research lab with state-of-the-art measurement equipment to further study the technology and refine Gaia products to maximize ultra-fine bubble production.

Gaia technology has now been integrated into products and systems installed worldwide in the following areas: aquaculture, agriculture, car washes, food and beverage, irrigation water, mining, oil and gas, swimming pools, wastewater, and lake and pond remediation.

ultra-fine nanobubbles

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Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.