Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.

Gaia Water has a unique approach to lake and pond remediation and rehabilitation utilizing the technology behind Nanobubbles. Nanobubble oxygenation and or their ozone systems. Common problems experienced by lakes, ponds, and other water bodies, such as excessive algae, anoxic water, fish and wildlife kills, and unpleasant odours. These issues are often caused by decreased dissolved oxygen (DO) levels due to the increased biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) from decomposing algae and waste runoff from local agriculture.

Current remediation technologies include chemical solutions and laminar flow diffusers with bio-augmentation. Chemicals can quickly address algae blooms but have negative effects on ecosystems. Laminar flow aeration systems circulate water to distribute oxygen, enhancing aerobic bacterial activity which helps decompose organic material more efficiently.

Gaia introduces a more effective solution using their oxygenation technology. Their system can increase DO levels faster and to higher concentrations than traditional micro bubble aeration. Gaia’s technology injects 95% pure oxygen as ultra-fine nanobubbles, achieving over a 90% gas transfer efficiency. These nanobubbles rise slowly, enhancing oxygen distribution over large areas and distances. Meaning Gaia units double the oxygen levels in water in real time.

The increased oxygen levels accelerate bacterial growth and decomposition of organic material, potentially eliminating the need for chemical treatments.
Gaia’s system consists of an oxygen source, a pump, and a Gaia UFB mixing valve. The pump extracts low DO water, oxygen is injected and mixed in the valve, and the high oxygen water is returned to the water body. This approach not only helps with water body health but also benefits surrounding plant life when used for irrigation.

Gaia’s patented technology can be combined with bio-augmentation to boost even more optimal results, offering a more natural and efficient solution for lake and pond rehabilitation.

Gaia ozone units are often used in fresh water remediation. The o3 ozone nanobubbles kill the algae and bacteria, allowing the water source to start new again. However safety steps have to be made to ensure important biologics such as fish and other species are not harmed.

Gaia's ultra-fine Nanobubbles
Contact Gaia for more information on which system is right for you and safety information if you wish to use ozone nanobubbles.

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Explore the many uses and benefits of nanobubbles.