Vard Brings GAIA Ultra-fine Nanobubble systems to Chile for fish oxygenation

VARD BRINGS GAIA ULTRA-FINE NANOBUBBLES SYSTEMS TO CHILE FOR FISH OXYGENERATION. Vard Aqua Chile and GAIA have entered into an Authorized Integrator Agreement which allows Vard to distribute, install, and provide technical support for the implementation of GAIA ultra-fine nanobubble generation technology into systems for Chilean Aquaculture. Gaia Water Ultra-fine Nanobubble Generator implemented in Vard […]

Gaia and Cermaq, Canada Revolutionizing Aquaculture

GAIA AND CERMAQ, CANADA REVOLUTIONIZING AQUACULTURE. Gaia, a global leader in the development and application of super oxygen saturation systems empowered by ultra-fine nanobubble technology, has had an ongoing relationship with Cermaq, Canada for over 10 years, starting with evaluation systems and progressing to full implementation in several of their farms in Canada and Chile. […]